Water Bottle with sticker that says

You Can and You Should

entreprenuer homestead new beginnings purpose small business May 03, 2023

If you grew up like me, the phrase “Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should” might be in your lexicon or vault of sayings you heard from parents, teachers, etc. with the best intentions of coaching us on good behavior and self-control. 

After a lunch date with a friend in late 2021, she sent me a sticker in the mail. It read “You Can and You Should.” I had spent the better part of lunch talking about the ups and downs of having a career, a family, and a true homestead (house, land, animals, projects, etc...) with her. Having recently left her own job to tend to the needs of her own busy family and bustling home front, she encouraged me that life is short and you’re not giving up on dreams to make a big change (like leaving a stable and enjoyable career). The sticker went promptly on my water bottle to serve as a reminder that I actually do have autonomy over how I want my life to look.

Fast forward to today, May 3, 2023. My last day of an 18.5-year job to start on a new adventure into the world of entrepreneurship. I had a lot of mantras, readings, and sayings that I used to guide my decision to take this leap that I will probably write about in future blog posts, but this one (” You Can and You Should”) served as a reminder that it was okay to give myself permission to do something that was completely foreign to me. So, with thanks to MANY conversations with Jesse (my husband of 11 years) hundreds of journal entries and random thoughts/dreams, and a handful of podcasters that coached and encouraged me by sharing their own stories, here I go. Welcome to Hammes Homestead and Consulting! I’m excited to see where it all goes!